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President's Message

January 2018

nd and a bus trip to the Mohegan Sun Casino on February 21st. More information is included in our newsletter and I hope that you will consider participating in these events if your schedule permits. The Executive Commit-tee is very interested in promoting events that maximize membership participation. th, at our first meeting for 2018.













I certainly hope that all of you had a great Holiday season. It’s hard to believe that I am now the President of the Retired Men’s Club of Cape Cod. I appreciate the confidence that the Executive Committee and the membership has put in me to lead this organization. I hope that I can measure up and be able to fill the shoes of such great people that preceded me. When I first became involved with this organization in 2011, my first thoughts were isn’t this great being able to join a club of men with similar interests as I have and get to play golf at some of the nicest courses on the Cape and surrounding areas at a great price. After having been involved with the club and the Executive Commit-tee for some seven years, I have found that the club is a lot more than about playing golf. I’m sure that many of our members join for the golfing opportunity but then find that the club has a lot more to offer. We also have bowling, interesting trips, great social functions, monthly meetings with interesting speakers and lastly and most important is the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the greatest guys around.
Our club is unique in that we offer such great fellowship along with so many other things. My most important goal, as your new president, is to encourage more fellow-ship and greater member involvement in the inner workings of our club. The greatest strength of our club is that we have so many members who give a little to make
(President’s message continued)
our club successful and I hope that we can continue to build on this. Another goal that I have is to continue with as many of the traditions that have made our club great and continue to look for ways to build on these traditions and introduce new and exciting "Special Events" that will meet and exceed what you the members want. Remember that this is your club and the Executive Committee is always interested in your sugges-tions.
As one of my first actions, I would like to thank our immediate Past President George Cappola, and four members of our Executive Committee (Bob Greiss, Tom Hickey, Jack Puleo, and Dennis Toland) who have also completed their terms for a job well done.
The role of all RMC officers and members of the Executive Committee is to provide leadership and support for all members while striving to make our club the most enjoy-able and diverse. One of our principal tenets is that we never forgot our significant oth-ers. Although we are a men’s club, we encourage and support our significant others to participate at all of our "Special Events".
Gary Merton has graciously agreed to take over our "Special Events" from Charlie Jones who did a superb job the last two years. Gary has planned a Social Bowling func-tion at Ryan Amusements on January 22
Our Speaker program will now be headed up by Brian O’Toole who has some interest-ing speakers lined up for 2018 which I’m sure that you’ll enjoy. My intention is to give recognition to as many as possible but I have limited space and will have to defer to fu-ture newsletters to recognize other individuals.
I look forward to seeing all of you next Thursday, January 11


Dick Coughlin

FEBRUARY 8, 2018
Meetings are the second Thursday of each month (except during December, July & August) at the Dennis Senior Center, 1045 Rt. 134, East Dennis at 1:30 PM. (The Executive Committee meets at 12:00.)

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